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RGS Automation is a young enterprise counting with the experience and know-how only few have. Located in Boston as well as in Barcelona, we are always on the lookout for new trends, gripping solutions and manufacturing technology.


RGS has made specific advancements in picking multiple SKU´s with one EOAT. By combining different types of gripping technology, RGS is able to offer you the most flexible grippers on the market.


As of today, RGS is developing both grippers and other hard-ware components in addition to preparing Grip-Track, our own take on the next big component of automation AI and industry 4.0.
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By letting us help you with your next project, you can expect several benefits. We will be able to find the best solution for you, and get you quotes from all the main suppliers of end of arm tool suppliers.


These savings will be translated in both time as well as monetary savings. We will also supervise the production and testing for you, and represent your interests during the entire project.

Installation and Start Up Time Reduction0
Cost Savings – Ownership0
Time REDUCTION dedicated to find the best solution & offers0

Among our customers are several that we are not allowed to show here. Here is a selection of the ones that we can show you.